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Vitality & Organic Foods

This is our special edition in genetic panel where we coalesced highly significant genetic variations under two interrelated categories. Ever growing urbanization has lead to massive drop in arable agricultural field. To parallel the need of growing population, there is an increment in use of pesticides and antibiotics in crops and fast foods. So on daily basis, we are under the continuous assault of many different toxic xenobiotics entering to our body through the food we consume which the body is usually able to transform into nontoxic form and eliminate in urine or feces or sweat. This process of detoxification is generally maintained by a set of specific genes and their expression/function is regulated by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) associated with those genes. Evaluating your genomic signature for particular SNPs can indicate your impaired detoxification and body’s response to nutrient taken. More importantly, based on these indications, you can adopt dietary and lifestyle changes that improve the efficiency of detoxification or can aid you in coping with the impaired detoxification process.
Together, this information should aid you to: Reduce exposure to toxin by identifying sources,Adopt personalized nutrient-dense diet,Improve detoxification potential, through dietary and lifestyle changes and improvement of your gut health.

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