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UH Microbiome Test

Your gut microbiome is unique, varying depending on geography, gender, culture and demographics, genetics, diet, age and many environmental factors. This test aims to identify the diverse bacterial species within your gut, followed by characterization, analysis and interpretation of larger patterns within them. We achieve this through evidence-based analysis and interpretation, to assist you in understanding your health and provide you with actionable dietary recommendations to improve your well-being. It is a well-established fact that your mood is defined by your food (Gut-brain axis), and expanding the prospects, your gut microbiome analysis can inform how well you can handle stress or can cope with depression and modulate them with your diet. Test Analysis and Report Includes: • Community-wide assessment of digestive and metabolic function. • Aids in understanding the extent of gut damage, disease predisposition & actionable recommendations to alleviate some of its symptoms. • Based on the highest-profile demonstrations of the microbiota's influence, this analysis provides valuable inputs on balancing your diet & balance. • Provides recommendations of probiotic-based supplements for restoring and maintaining a healthy gut

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