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Permaculture Pepper (Anytime-Order)
Permaculture Pepper (Anytime-Order)
Permaculture Pepper (Anytime-Order)
Permaculture Pepper (Anytime-Order)

Permaculture Pepper (Anytime-Order)


Permaculture Pepper - Peppercorns

Grown in the Monsoon-laden Western Ghats of Karnataka, Yemmegundi Estate brings to you artisanal products via the best practices. It’s good for the land and great for the soul. Unwind and immerse yourself in flavorful tones of our Single Origin Permaculture products crafted with care.

Ingredients - Whole sun dried peppercorns

Health Benefits 

Pepper is a rich source of antioxidants and has notable anti-inflammatory properties

Piperine helps improve memory

It contains active compounds that help slow replication of cancer cells

Pepper boosts absorption of essential nutrients present in turmeric, red rice, yeast etc.

Key values 

100% Organic Ingredients

Organic peppercorns are more rich in antioxidants than regular peppercorns

Chemical free cultivation based on Permaculture

Conserves Soil and Environmental Health

Kindly note that our Permaculture Pepper is an Anytime-Order product. Anytime-Order products are shipped within 2-3 working days.


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