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Gut Microbiome (discounted price)

Even though your gut is largely populated by bacterial species, there are other classes of microorganisms that reside within your gut, interacting amongst themselves in a diverse and complex manner. These other players in your gut also vary uniquely depending on geography, gender etc., but, just like the bacterial species, also follows certain larger patterns of occurrence and abundance. Additionally, the analysis of specific functions across all members (not just the bacterial species) of your gut microbiome can provide insights as to how they share the nutrient and energy as a community. This in turn can indicate the fine balance in diet we need to achieve, maintain and sustain, for long term health benefits. Test Analysis and Report Includes: • Community-wide assessment of digestive and metabolic function. • Aids in understanding the extent of gut damage, disease predisposition & actionable recommendations to alleviate some of its symptoms. • Based on the highest-profile demonstrations of the microbiota's influence, this analysis provides valuable inputs on balancing your diet & balance. • Provides recommendations of probiotic-based supplements for restoring and maintaining a healthy gut

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