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Permaculture Coconut Oil (Anytime-Order)
Permaculture Coconut Oil (Anytime-Order)
Permaculture Coconut Oil (Anytime-Order)

Permaculture Coconut Oil (Anytime-Order)


The Coconut Plantation brings to you pure coconut oil harvested from organically cultivated trees using permaculture practices such as rain water harvesting and mulching in coconut circles. The plantation is powered by bio-methanation technology that converts bio waste into energy thereby forming a closed loop and off-grid eco-system.

Ingredients - Pure Coconut Oil

Health Benefits 

Contains healthy fatty acids

It is antimicrobial

Excellent moisturizer for skin and hair

Helps in controlling blood sugar

Helps increase good cholesterol

Improves satiety

Key values 

100% Organic 
Chemical free cultivation based on Permaculture
Conserves Soil and Environmental Health

Kindly note that our Permaculture Coconut Oil is an Anytime-Order product. Anytime-Order products are shipped within 2-3 working days.


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