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Coconut Water Kefir (Anytime-Order)

Coconut Water Kefir (Anytime-Order)


Coconut Water Kefir contains the beneficial microbes that are found in traditional Kefir. It also offers all the benefits of raw, living coconut water. Because coconut water kefir is fermented, beneficial bacteria and yeast transform the natural sugars found in coconut water — releasing powerful metabolites that benefit the human body. The World Health Organization tells us that probiotics are, “Live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” Raw Coconut Water inoculated with Lucky Gods' Kefir Grains, is a restorative tonic that supports energy and detoxification.

Ingredients - Coconut Water, Organic Sugar, Water Kefir Grains

Key Values

  • Zero preservatives
  • Low sugar

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